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New Innovations room

In a working relationship with customers, innovative capacity is an important factor in the success of our company. Therefore we focus our attention on a constructive communication with the customer. The innovation project ‘INN’ was initiated with the aim of further developing our future position as leading innovation partner in the field of high-quality plastics processing.

We created an individual innovation area in order to separate the future workshop ‘INN’ from the operating business. First meetings with longstanding customers have already been successfully held on the new premises. This communication

room provides a perfect setting to further develop our 25 years of specialist knowledge in plastics, its processing and fields of application with customers, suppliers and staff and to implement all this in real products and services. This area, which is fully equipped with media technology, is also perfectly suited for external as well as internal training

This adds a new dimension to customer advisory service and customer support while improving internal as well as external communication.